Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Future Church

In the latest edition of the online magazine, Next-Wave Ezine, there's an article by Eutychus Bailey. Slightly tongue-in-cheek, it's called: Third Millenium Church Movements

The note from the editor states:

The following article was written on 3 February 2046 by Eutychus Bailey, author and former North American pastor. Because of amazingly quick Internet access and the exponential growth of micro-processing speeds, we are now able to publish this column forty years before it was actually written. This gives us the chance to get an unknowingly futurist perspective on where things are heading from this pragmatist writer observing his own times.

Note the date....

Bailey looks at four movements in the church, and gives his view on how they've have fared over the 'last' thirty or so years.

2000-2008: The Super-Church Satellite Movement

2008-2019:The Post-Evangelical Movement

2020-2031:The Melting Pot Movement

2032-2045 The House Church Movement

(An interesting take of where the church is currently at....)

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