Thursday, January 20, 2011

Podcasts now available

I'm back on deck at the National Mission Office, at least until the end of February. The Office is officially closing at the end of January, but John Daniel and I will be continuing to work for another month, clearing up. The blog may continue on, depending on what I do with the next stage of my life....

Meanwhile, thanks to Anne Thomson for letting us know about the following podcasts:

A number of people were interested in Jim Wallis's visit to Dunedin in September last year, but were unable to attend the event, it being so close to Assembly and all.

You can now watch and listen to him, via the University of Otago's podcasts - after clicking on this link scroll down to "Howard Paterson Memorial Lecture 2010" and to "A Conversation with Jim Wallis".

And then if you want to explore further, last year's Thomas Burns Lectures are also available, given by Prof. John Coffey on the theme ‘Let my people go’: Exodus and Deliverance from Calvin to Obama.

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