Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fourth post from Bradley Wright

Bradley Wright's been posting on the subject of why people leave church, and for some reason I managed to miss noting the fourth post in this series.   (Fourth and last, by the looks of it.)

In this one he discusses the relative unimportance of non-Christians' influence in regard to a Christian leaving church.  Very occasionally the influence of a non-Christian will cause a Christian to leave the church and/or faith.   But it's by no means as frequent an occurrence as you might think.  

It's a somewhat different story after the Christian has left the church.   Then there is a stronger tendency for non-Christians to support those who left.  

Which seems reasonable enough.


Snowbrush said...

Yes, and as one who left the church, I would say that this is true of my experience, that is unless you count the influence of books. If not for Robert Ingersoll, I might not have left the church as soon as I did because--growing up in the American Bible Belt as I did--he was the first person I ever knew who expressed a negative opinion of the basis of Christianity.

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