Monday, May 25, 2009

So you still don't think NZeders use the Net?

In a media blurb sent out about a week ago, Nielsen Research gave an overview of some recent research into how New Zealanders are using the Net.
Over the last four weeks,
1. "(48%) of us have created, updated or looked at an online profile on a social networking site; and nearly (30%) have contributed to a message board, online forum or wrote/commented on a blog.”

2. "...two out of every five have uploaded pictures (41%), uploaded music (12%), uploaded videos (10%) or posted a review of a product or service online (9%)."
3. "...almost half of the Internet population have downloaded, streamed or watched a video clip online (45%); or downloaded, streamed, or listened to music (37%)."
4. "...people using online directories (47%), reading newspapers or publications online (79%) - and a staggering (81%) using search engines..."
5. 81.3% have used internet banking.

If, as ministers, we're still not considering that the Internet has a part to play in the future of our churches, I suspect we're deluding ourselves.

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