Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Rob Bell and Preaching

Rob Bell has perhaps become most well-known in New Zealand through the series of short videos that go under the general title of Nooma.

Other people may have seen his much longer videos in which he uses a huge chart and gradually fills it in piece by piece while speaking non-stop.

We've probably had less opportunity to hear about him as a preacher, and in an article in the latest Leadership Journal online, there's an interview with him about his methods, his philosophy of preaching and a variety of other related issues.

It's well worth reading in terms of getting a different perspective on preaching (he often preaches exegetically, but not quite in the way most would), and in particular on his view that everything in the world can be brought into the sermon - rather than being narrow in your approach.

Read Tying the Clouds Together here.

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Mike Crowl said...

I'd be interested to know what this means, if someone can translate it for me...