Monday, August 23, 2010

Report on Work

What Next?  National Conversation about Work is a new report discussing two years of investigations into the state of employment in New Zealand, particularly equal employment opportunities.   A quick glance through it makes it seem a fairly positive report; not that it overlooks the problems, but it does tend to soften them somehow.  

Nevertheless this is a well-produced report, as much as for its emphasis on the needs of minority groups as for its insights into the more positive aspects of work in New Zealand.

10 priorities they suggest for EEO are:
Disabled people
Youth into work
Migrant workers
Looking after the children of workers
EEO across the sectors (check this out when you read the report)
Pay and employment equity
Older workers [One I'm particularly interested in!]
Support for employers
Improving labour market information and analysis
Adequate standards of living (increasing the minimum wage and benefit levels)

The report ends with twelve examples of equality in the workplace.   'These innovations are are informed by a Kiwi 'can-do' attitude alongside a commitment to fairness and equality.   They are part of the fabric of decent and productive work in New Zealand.'

How does this relate to the work of ministry?  

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