Thursday, August 26, 2010

Straining out camels, logs in the eyes

Rowland Croucher brings good sense to the issue of Muslims in America - and to Americans who berate them - in a short piece that's appeared on his John Mark Ministries website.

He asks the question; What Would Jesus Do Regarding Muslim Americans? You’d Be Surprised.  In this article no one gets off the hook: the logs in one lot of eyes are a darn sight bigger than the splinters in the others - and vice versa. 

A couple of paragraphs from the piece: 

Just as He took on devout figures in the Jewish tradition, He would ask tough questions about whether many devout Muslims, with their myriad and sometimes cumbersome rules and rituals, are straining out gnats while swallowing camels. He would challenge viewpoints and smash many precious idols and a priori assumptions. He would, in short, tick some people off.

But He would also be frank with those of His followers who ignore His command to love and bless and be patient with outsiders. He would point out that, if someone truly is their enemy, that merely triggers their special duty to bless enemies rather than persecute them. He would remind His believers that it’s only by their doing so that they mark themselves as being a part of His distinctive Kingdom.

Highly recommended...

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