Thursday, September 02, 2010

David Fitch and posts on LGBTQ

David Fitch begins his most recent post (2nd Sept) in this way.

During the last six months, [my] blog posts on the LGBTQ, other sexual issues and mission have been by and large well received. I have had many good conversations off blog and on blog. I started out the whole series of posts by saying, “Is it possible to “be Missional” among the gay/lesbian communities without a clear affirmative stance towards GLBT relations?… Many would flat out say “no.”” I said “I find myself at odds with many of the underlying assumptions that drive these conclusions.” I had seen several instances where Ed Stetzer and others were accused of being “non-missional” because they did not affirm gay/lesbian relations. I had also seen several instances where the lone engagement by the Neo-Reformed on these issues was to preach against something and believe that was sufficient to engage the issue in terms of mission. I was content with neither approaches. To me, what I called the post Emergent consensus approach to these questions as well as the traditional evangelical approach – and its offshoot – the New-Reformed were both inadequate.

It's the introduction to a lengthy post in which he debates with Craig Carter of Tyndale University College in Toronto on the subject. Carter recently wrote a post critiquing/criticising Fitch's views on the issue, and it's in response to this that Fitch has provided his latest piece. To catch up on all the posts Fitch has written on this topic would take some time, but this post pulls together quite a bit of his thinking on the topic, albeit in a rather concise form.

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