Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daring to a minister of God

Paul Fromont has an interesting post (29.10.10) in which he quotes at reasonable length from a reflection by the Anglican writer, Monica Furlong (1930-2003). In this reflection she responds to the statement:“I want priests who dare to be…” Some of what she says will strike a chord, some may upset, some may concern ministers deeply. Here's the start of the reflection....

“[Priest’s, ministers, pastors] are in for a growing loneliness, of being misunderstood. I suggest that this will only be endurable if they expect this, understand the reasons for it, and do not cast too many envious glances over their shoulders at the circumstances of their predecessors.

I am clear about what I want from the clergy. I want them to be people who can, by their own happiness and contentment challenge my ideas about status, success and money and so teach me how to live more independently of such drugs.

I want them to be people who can dare, as I do not dare, and as few of my contemporaries dare to refuse to work flat out and to refuse to work more strenuously than me.

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