Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Supervision Scrapbook

I've just received a copy of the book, Supervision Scrapbook. It's aimed at youth workers in particular - hence the subtitle: kinda mainly for people who work with young people.

The authors are Rod Baxter (National Youth Workers Network Aotearoa) and Trissel Mayor (from NZ Aotearoa Adolescent Health and Development).

The book has been produced in a limited edition of 500 copies (we have number 50) and was published, as far as I can make out, in 2008. However, it appears that it's only been advertised more generally this year. Presbyterian Youth Ministries have got behind it strongly, encouraging all their youth workers to get a copy, and NZAAHD is also promoting it. Price is $10, from PYM, including postage.

As to the book itself, it's very readable, laid out in a typical youth-focused fashion, short (about 44 pages), with worksheets and a very solid bibliography. I've just skimmed through it, and it has material in it that every supervisor and supervisee would find worth checking out, or being reminded of. It also keeps the cultural aspects of Maori (and occasionally other ethnicities) in focus. (In fact, the NZAAHD site is advertising it as a taonga, ie, a treasure.)

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