Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Curated communities

Jonny Baker has written before about curated worship, a concept that is only beginning to filter through in NZ, I think (though there may have been some exponents of it under a different name a decade or so ago: Mike Riddell and Mark Pierson, for example).

However, the idea of curating is a concept that's visible in the world apart from the church - as happens so often, something that the church is picking up in the culture is what the culture is either already doing, or thinking about.

Jonny points towards an explanatory blog post on the subject, written by Nathaniel Whittemore. He's looking at it in regard to the world of TED. Here's a paragraph Jonny quotes from the piece; it's worth reading the whole article for the way in which such thinking could impact communities in the church.

The explosion of curated membership communities is an attempt to create the shared experiences which bring us into contact with those people, giving us access to the amazing world which we can see, if not fully yet grasp.

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