Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missionary work

Mission work has never been easy, but for many years one of the ways in which it's been conducted is by arranging to work in a country - legally - and then doing the missionary work on top of that. However, the following bit of news in relation to South Korean missionaries shows that this approach may not work for much longer...

South Korea is to enact laws to discourage its people from engaging in illegal activities overseas, a move seen by Christian groups here as an attempt to curb missionary work.

The South Korean government has been trying to deal with the growing dangers of Christians working as missionaries in Islamic nations, especially after a young missionary was kidnapped and killed by insurgents in Iraq in 2004.

See the remainder of the article here. Note that a number of Koreans were kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2007 (two of them later executed) and two Korean men were imprisoned in Libya last year.

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