Tuesday, March 08, 2011

International Women's Day....was yesterday

Yesterday (8th March) was International Women's Day - and was a special occasion in that women around the world were celebrating 100 years of Women's Day.

While we're a bit late in posting about it, (though for many people it's still the 8th March, anyway) that doesn't mean that many of the options available to both men and women in terms of celebrating the day have been left behind. Jenny Baker offered the following bunch of suggestions - many of which you could do at any time of the year...
  • Contact a woman who has inspired or encouraged you and tell her how much you appreciate her
  • Join the Big Inequality Debate at http://www.weareequals.org/
  • Follow Ruth Wells' example and take action against the objectification of women, or get involved with Object
  • Get in touch with a younger woman who has leadership potential, or who inspires you and offer your support and encouragement.
  • Use videos and information from The Girl Effect to raise awareness in your youth group - or among your friends - about the injustice faced by many girls around the world.
  • Find out more about women around the world on Christian Aid's website.
  • Get involved with Restored, Tearfund's new initiative to challenge the church on violence against women.
  • Give the money you could have spent on a treat for yourself to help women in poverty around the world - why not give it here, here or here?
  • Join Womankind's twitter campaign and tweet your #wish4women

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