Thursday, March 03, 2011

Who are your Neighbours?

Amidst the tragedy of the earthquake in Christchurch last week, it has been heartening to see the generosity, kindness and creativity expressed by neighbours to their neighbours, from getting water for an elderly neighbour to cooking for the whole street. At such times we realise the worth of the people living near us.

Can you name your neighbours?

This year on Saturday 26 and 27 March all over the country, an opportunity exists for all New Zealanders to participate in Neighbours Day Aotearoa. Why not encourage your congregation to consider how they might connect with their neighbours in a meaningful way.

Ideas can be small or large, ranging from baking for a neighbour to simply introducing
yourself to a neighbour you've never really spoken to, from organising a street barbeque to afternoon tea to mowing your neighbour's grass front.

For more information, check out the Neighbours Day website. There are heaps of ideas there.

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