Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mike Frost on mission

A quote from Michael Frost:
It is not any longer possible…that we sit in some command center telling other people how to go forth. I’m speaking in particular to those of you who are clergy. You cannot preach about, encourage or motivate or mobilize people into mission unless you model what missional proximity looks like. You cannot sit in some ivory tower spending days and days preparing sermons which are seeking to motivate people into mission unless you yourself are prepared to embrace that similar commitment to proximity. Do you follow what I’m saying? I’m not just talking about proximity like “our building is on the street corner on the main street with a gigantic sign and everyone knows that we are there.” I’m talking about personal, relational, and geographic proximity to people.

Unfortunately Rick Meigs, the write of the Blind Beggar blog from which this quote comes, doesn't give us a source. (You might like to pray for Rick: he was travelling on his motorcycle on June 13th, and was hit by a truck crossing the line, and is in critical condition.)


Johnny said...

Great quote from Mike Frost!

Grace & peace


Mike Crowl said...

Yes, I thought it was worth repeating!

Had a quick look at your blog...the church is not the building, eh? Strikes a strong chord with me at the moment when our church is planning an equally large building in the next few years.