Monday, June 01, 2009

Suiting the new generation

The Otago Daily Times published a report last Saturday entitled: Churches work to suit new generation. The interesting thing about it is that it is objective in its approach: apart from the youth factor, there is nothing strongly 'newsworthy' in it.

It looks at three different groups: C3, Catholic youth, and studentsoul. C3 is the new name for Christian City Church, a Pentecostal congregation which has been around for some time. The Catholics have gone onto Facebook (check out Vaughan Hook in the search box), and have started a blog (which at this point has only one entry on it, dated May 13th - need a bit more action there, I think, Vaughan!).

Studentsoul comes third on the list and there are some brief comments from Rev Helen Harray.

The main story is linked to a shorter one that focuses specifically on the C3 youth, briefly profiling some of those attending. One of these, Tami Beckingsale, is paraphrased: She believed more young adults were returning to church once they realised there was value in what it had to offer.

All three groups mention 'relevance' as being key to their ministries.

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