Monday, June 01, 2009

One liners

If you have a need for short, pithy sayings that are clever enough not to make non-Christians (and Christians, if it comes to that) go Duh!, then check out Australian writer Grantley Morris’ collection of one-liners. The Digital Evangelism Issues site says ‘They avoid the pitfalls of being trite, slushy or religious.’ I wouldn’t agree with that entirely, but there’s a big enough range of them for anyone to find the right statement for their church or website. You can find them here.

Incidentally, Tony O'Hagan says: putting up an easy-to-remember website URL on the church sign board is an under-utilised evangelistic strategy. You are very limited in what you can communicate via the church sign - but as an introduction to the website it can become a key that unlocks a universe! Better still … there’s an very obvious local place to get spiritual follow-up if the website should bear fruit.

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