Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The need for evaluation

In an article on the Roxburgh Missional Network this week, entitled New Directions for a Leadership Style, John McLaverty writes about the need for ongoing evaluation of our lives and ministry. After he quit his job as a full-time pastor nine years ago, McLaverty was encouraged to take a 360 evaluation.

“ A 360 what?”, I believe was my quick and rather anxious response. Patiently and wisely [the Vocational Psychologist] responded, “A 360 is an effective instrument through which you can filter and evaluate changes you may want to make in your style of leadership. It is a multi-rater, full circle (hence the 360) feedback survey. We are going to ask 20-25 of your friends, colleagues, peers and work associates to fill-in a confidential survey on how they perceive you both in strengths and challenges. In the end we will provide you with a confidential report and recommendations for your professional development. We will also suggest you form a support group that will help guide you through the recommendations.”

McLaverty recently asked in a different post, Why are you in ministry? It's a question he believes ministers should be asking themselves on a regular basis. (Us lay-people, of course, never have to ask such questions....!) The Pastor/Leader 360 is available via the Roxburgh site - it costs something, but you can download a sample report to get some idea of what it's about.

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