Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Ten NZ Christian blogs (for October 2009)

The stats are a little behind, but for those who are interested in such things, here are the top ten NZ 'Christian' blogs as at October 2009. (The post I found this on was actually published only a couple of days ago.)

I've put 'Christian' in quotes only because some of these sites, while written by Christians, don't necessarily focus primarily on the subject of Christianity - and some of them such as Something should go here - maybe later, a blog I'd never heard of till today, are as in-your-face as they come, while still definably Christian.

The MandM site, which posted this information, comes out on top. The blog is written by a husband and wife team, and tends to focus more on the political than the spiritual. However, their foundation is Christian.

  1. [1.] MandM 14.5 (3 – 26)
  2. [2.] NZ Conservative 17 (5 – 29)
  3. [3.] MacDoctor Moments 17.5 (18 – 17)
  4. [4.] Something Should Go Here, Maybe Later (HalfDone) 19 (10 – 28)
  5. [5.] Say Hello to my Little Friend (Beretta Blog) 21.5 (8 – 35)
  6. [6.] Being Frank 34.5 (36 – 33)
  7. [7.] Liturgy Worship Spirituality* 37 (34 – 40)
  8. [8.] Brad Heap 44.5 (46 – 43)
  9. [N.] Manawatu Christian Apologetics Society 46 (43 – 49)
  10. [N.] The Briefing Room 51 (81 – 21)

While you have a few moments, check these blogs out. I've only ever come across the 1st and the 5th before, myself, so I'll be doing some investigating of the others over the next period.


scrubone said...

I can assure you, the feeling is mutual - I'd never heard of your blog either, and I've got almost 700 in my list :)

"in-your-face as they come, while still definably Christian. "

While I would quibble with the former description, I'm relieved at the latter!

Mike Crowl said...

Well, this is an historic day: both of us learning about each other's existence.
Quibble or no, some of what I read was in-your-face - not a bad quality in relation to what you were writing about....! :)
So do we get to be 701 on the list?

Madeleine said...

Nice post - the reason October only just came out was because Tumeke's stats for October were only just released - he is severely behind at the moment which is very frustrating when ScubOne's stats (our other source) are so meticulously up to date.

Keep an eye on MandM, once we stabilise our lives offline (rocky patch over the last few months) we'll have more spiritual content; Matt's Sunday Studies will resume and our balance between our interest areas will be more even. That said we bring our faith into all we write on, we're very much into the concept of faith shaping our understanding. You can always count on us to have a Christian angle behind pretty much all we write - bar the joke posts maybe.

Glenn will be pleased that the two sites you'd heard of before today were his and ours.

scrubone said...

Ah no. Not yet quite to the 700 mark yet.

I made a conscious decision a few years ago to dial back on some of what I was saying, but I guess I'm not shy on some of the stuff I blog on. Having said that, some of the blogs I've seen looking for new NZ ones are "in your face" and screaming about it!

Mike Crowl said...

Thanks, Madeleine, for that additional information. I think that both you and ScrubOne (I was reading it as scru-bone yesterday!) are doing what Christians in the public arena should be doing, that is speaking from the foundation of what you believe. Whether that foundation is always 'visible' is another matter; it's like composing music (which I do on and off). It doesn't have to have 'God words' or even be 'about' God. The fact that, as a Christian, I'm creating as a Christian makes it God-leaning, even though there may be nothing obviously 'Christian' about the end result.
Yup, ScrubOne, there are plenty of screaming blogs...LOL. Maybe they still have a purpose, just as some of the crazy antics of the OT prophets did...?