Monday, January 25, 2010

The decline of the emerging church?

In the online magazine, Next-Wave, Bill Dahl writes a challenging piece about the emerging church, its critics and whether it is or isn't 'declining'. (In fact, whether the church - without the emerging adjective - is or isn't declining. 'Decline' is a word I hate to hear, by the way, in relation to church - any church.)

Bill Dahl is a freelance writer from Redmond, in Oregon. Though I must say that his name isn't particularly familiar to me, his work has been published in dozens of national and international publications, websites, ezines, journals and newspapers. One of his websites is entitled, The Porpoise Diving Life, and if that has some sort of ring about it, the subtitle might explain: 'reality for the rest of us, or picking up where purpose-driven peters out.'

Dahl tends to avoid the 'black and white' approach to Christianity, the one bound by lots of rules and regulations, so he may not be everyone's cup of tea. However, I think he's worth checking out, either in what he says in the article on the emerging church, or in the book reviews and writings on his website.

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