Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, what is missional again?

It's a bit of a day for catching up, having been on holiday and rarely posting over January. Here's a section of a post from the Reclaiming the Mission site
in which our old friend David Fitch talks about the way we worry too much about whether a thing is a fad or a movement, whether something will last or fall away and much more. Here's part of what he has to say on:

The Missional Church: Much has been written about the problem with the word “missional” (see here for instance) It’s meaning has become diluted. It is being misused as a new market niche in church. A whole synchroblog was created to answer the question “What is Missional? Some fret about the word losing its meaning. Oh Ok – probably right. Nonetheless, I personally gravitate towards the Missional movement. I find it rich in theology and history. The word means a lot to me. I admit I get agitated when I have to explain myself a lot more when I use the word, nonetheless I still find it all compelling. I think the best tack is to take what I’ve learned among Bosch, Newbigen, Guder, Hirsch, Frost, Roxburgh and many others: work within the church that God has placed me, be as discerning and thoughtful as I can with the resources God has given, and let the fruit speak for itself. For me, there is already much much fruit...

A synchroblog, by the way, is a number of bloggers all writing about the same topic within a short space of time - I think!

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