Wednesday, March 25, 2009

David Fitch

I've recently begun to pick up on David Fitch's Reclaiming the Mission site. David doesn't write every day, by any means, but when he does write, it's worth reading.
He makes an interesting statement in his latest post that Chicago, in spite of having some of the biggest mega-churches in the States, is actually the least churched city in the States, something even Dave finds hard to believe. Believe it.
At the end of this particular post he tells us he'll be running a Fuller DMin program soon. He says: We are going to first dissect Christendom/post Christendom assumptions, modern-postmodern assumptions, and what constitutes the practices of being His Body in the world. Then we are going to dissect and analyze some church planting manuals.
These include one from Tim Keller's church in Manhatten and Mark Driscoll's Acts 29 materials. David has some other manuals on this list (see the course details) and the course reading alone comprises some 3,000 pages. Even without going to the course, you'd learn a huge amount from the reading alone...

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