Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not knowing who you are

Recently, on the Prodigal Kiwi blog there was an intriguing post quoting Chris Erdman, a Presbyterian minister. It comes from his book, Returning to the Centre (you can download the first chapter) and relates to a conversation he had with Sister Benedicta Ward. I would guess she's his spiritual advisor, from the conversation that takes place.

In the quote, he begins the conversation by saying: “...I can’t see non-judgment and leadership walking hand in hand in the real world.”

“You lead people,” she said, “I understand that, and that is required of you as a shepherd, but is
leader who you are? What did the hermit tell Joseph? ‘Ask yourself at all times, “Who are you?” So I ask you, Christopheros, who are you?”...Her question hung in the air.

Humiliated, I said at last: “I don’t think I know.”

Sister Benedicta goes on to say that we think not knowing who we are is a 'bad thing.' However, her point is that only God can know who we truly are, and it's only in prayer that we come to know this too.

The 'conversation' isn't long, but it's worth chewing over, particularly for leaders who think they have to have everything sussed before they can lead.


Chris Erdman said...

Mike, thanks for posting this. And I love your description of yourself. I resonate.

Grace to you.


Mike Crowl said...

Good to hear from you, Chris.