Thursday, October 08, 2009

Three good reasons....

H B London writes in his latest email newsletter:

Only about one-half of those who claim [in surveys] to attend weekly church services actually do. You know how I estimate who goes to church? I just walk out into a neighborhood and take a look at the houses on a given block. Most are not in church.

Fewer and fewer people are attending church these days. How do we stem that tide?

1) I think each local church must take responsibility for its own "turf," so to speak, and develop creative ways to stimulate its people to become genuine salt and light.

2) Next, I believe the church must be built on a foundation of biblical truth rather than spiritual entertainment.

3) And, finally, I really believe we must be working hard to close the "back door." We need to know why people do not or no longer attend just as much as we need to know why they do attend.

And the people who do attend church all said, Amen! All three of these points are vital to keep in mind when it comes to mission/outreach/evangelism/going out into the community - whatever you want to call it. Local, biblical and discipled.

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