Tuesday, October 06, 2009

RID website

Two years ago researchers from the University of Otago's Injury Prevention Research Unit set up the University of Otago depression website Rid - Recovery via the Internet from Depression . It started to accept participants about a year ago.

The site offers people a series of interactive exercises and mental health surveys, as well as information on where to access face-to-face or telephone counselling, and other mental health services.

The lead researcher, Dr Shyamala Nada-Raja said that researchers were happy with the number of participants enrolled so far, but the trial still needed a total of 700 participants to be statistically valid. 660 were enrolled so far, and she hoped to have another 40 within the next couple of weeks, after which enrolments would be closed.

660 people enrolled so far
Participants range in age from 18-70
30% of participants men; 20% new migrants 16% of participants live in rural areas
14% of participants have a physical disability
About 50% of participants are also receiving treatment elsewhere for anxiety or depression
About 50% of participants say their anxiety or depression relates to an underlying physical problem such as chronic pain

adapted from an article in the Otago Daily Times, Tuesday Oct 6th, 2009

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