Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bullying: church, schools

Bullying is a topic that's coming increasingly to our attention within the church. This blog post about pastors being physically threatened and their families verbally abused by members of their own congregation, brought a bunch of comments in which the stories are horrendous.

Yesterday I caught up with a short video from Sweden - it has an English soundtrack - in which a young boy is seen being bullied (somewhat mildly at this stage) by some older boys.

What is interesting about the turnaround in the video is that the other older boy does something that has a ring of the Gospel about it. Sharing in the pain the victim is suffering, but in the process, turning the evil away. It would make a good starting point for a Gospel sermon, even though that isn't what the makers intended.

For a different look at the problem of bullying - in a Japanese school context - check out this video report. It runs for about 21 minutes.

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