Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lots of new neighbours

This may either scare you or inspire you.

The world population is heading towards hitting the 7 billion mark. According to some calculations - those who like to predict absolutely everything down to the day - it will happen on the 9th April this year - in other words, around about a fortnight away.

This may or may not be a bit over-the-mark. At present the World Population Clock is showing 6,834,880,600, as I write. However with the speed of the meter it looks as though it'll hit the 6,834,881,000 mark before I've finished this post! [Yup, it did.]

That's a lot of little persons arriving in the world.

We hit 6 billion on 12th October, 1999 - now known as 6 Billion Day (although I can't say I've ever heard if called that). Of course, that was an estimate, like everything else to do with population. We were up to 6.5 billion sometime in 2006. Seven years for half a billion; four years for the next half a billion. It kind of makes your head explode.

Now if God is keeping track of all the hairs on everyone's head, how many hairs does He know about?

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