Tuesday, November 30, 2010

C S Lewis Bible

I'm not sure what part of our self-imposed 'mandate' this particular blog post comes under - maybe 'just plain interesting' - or in this case, 'just plain interesting??'

Harper Collins, who've had a firm publishing grip on the C S Lewis book titles for some time have produced....wait for it....the C S Lewis Bible. It's a combination of the NRSV translation and suitable commentaries extracted from Lewis' writings.

My initial reaction is that C S Lewis might be turning over in his grave, but that might be limiting my view of Lewis. He was surprisingly liberal-minded in some areas.

The first link I picked up on this had comments that claimed it was an April Fool's joke - it must have first been promoted around that date. Nope, it's listed on Amazon.co.uk. and also on Harper Collins own site. You can even see some sample pages.

Maybe it's what I want for Christmas after all....maybe not!

PS I should mention that one of my bete noires in my later days in OC Books was the increasing number of Bible ring-ins....Bibles for Promise Keepers, Bibles for Women Exercisers, Bibles for Teens who could barely read, Bibles for children with cartoon-like drawings that insulted the eye....and so on.

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