Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mission List

Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) writes in a recent blog post:

The challenge of missions and how we are responding has radically changed. There is a greater need for storying the gospel, utilizing the new media, recognizing the next generation is doing things differently, understanding world religions, appreciating the holistic nature of the task at hand and providing some holistic metrics for measuring our progress that go beyond bums on a pew or churches in a network.

One of the biggest changes we have experienced is the need for a more streamlined way of doing mission overseas with less wastage - that means a focus on social enterprise, micro-business and a sacrificial lifestyle that is more sustainable and more incarnational among the people.

As you'll note from the second paragraph, he appears to be talking about 'overseas' mission. However the first paragraph in particular is very pertinent to local mission as much as overseas. Here are the various points again, in list form:

Storying the Gospel
Utilizing new media
Recognizing the next generation is doing things differently
Understanding world religions
Appreciating the holistic nature of the task
Providing holistic measures for measuring progress beyond bums on seats

That should be enough of a task to get on with for today....

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