Monday, November 22, 2010

Resources for Youth workers

There's a post on the Sophia Network (written, I think, by Jonny Baker - nope, by Jenny Baker [see the comment below]) which begins: Had a fantastic weekend at Youthwork the Conference where the theme was surrender. It was great to have lots of time to linger and talk to people over the weekend, after sessions and in coffee breaks. And wonderful to see so many gifted women contributing to the programme - Danielle Strickland, Rachel Gardner, Vicky Beeching, Abby Guinness, Helen Millward among others.

Hmm, that's interesting, you say....NOT! But wait, there's more. In the rest of the post 'Jonny' provides various resources for youth on such issues as:

Eating Disorders
Rites of passage for boys (based on the life of Jesus) and some contact names regarding ministering to boys.
Toxic relationships between boys and girls
Body image.

All of these have an underlying mission focus, and are worth following up on.


Jenny Baker said...

Hi - the Sophia Network blog is written by Jenny Baker, not Jonny. Thanks for the mention

Mike Crowl said...

My apologies, Jenny. I'd mistaken the original author of the post when it arrived in my Outlook inbox, because it comes in under Jonny's name. Thanks for clarifying!