Sunday, November 28, 2010

So what is Fresh Expressions?

Fresh Expressions as a concept has been around for a while now, (and came out of the Mission Shaped Church thinking in the UK) but in the last few months it has made an impact amongst Anglicans - and some Presbyterians and others - in New Zealand, particularly in the light of the visit of Graham Cray. I don't think it's the first time Fresh Expressions has appeared on the radar here, but I haven't got anything to hand to back that idea up, and there are elements of Fresh Expressions that are similar to Messy Church, another British import, which has been functioning in NZ for quite some time in various forms.

Anyway for those who are still catching up on what Fresh Expressions is, and who would like to read a bit of good thinking about it, check out Mark Johnston's recent blog post on the subject: What is Fresh Expressions and what might we learn from it?

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