Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I prefer normally not to reprint entire blog posts from elsewhere, as that seems to be leaning towards copyright invasion. However this post by Bill Kinnon is so short that in this case I'll make an exception:

Why Aren't Big Name Christian Leaders Decreasing?

John the Baptizer, said this about Jesus in light of John's own "ministry",

He must become greater; I must become less. [John 3:30 NIV]

What would it be like if the cycle of ministry was for those who rise in prominence to disappear into the worshiping body as Jesus is exalted? Decreasing while Jesus increases.

Rather than building ever increasing platforms capable of supporting their egos ministries.

I'm just asking.


scrubone said...

Well, exactly.

That's what's so repugnant about the bishop's covenant - it's *his* name on the ring.

Mike Crowl said...

Thanks for that. Yup, there are all sorts of anomalies in the authority areas of the church, regrettably.

Bill Kinnon said...

My IP lawyers will be in touch with yours. :-)

Thanks for posting this here, Mike and for linking back to the original.

Mike Crowl said...

My pleasure, and looking forward to hearing from the IP guys!