Monday, July 27, 2009

By way of advance notice...

I've just become aware of the following conference:
World Wide Scripture Engagement Consultation
Hearts Burning: Exploring Scripture Engagement for the 21st Century
Sunday 4 - Friday 9 October, 2009
Melaka, Malaysia
Sponsor: Forum of Bible Agencies International

Just some of the topics being looked at are:
  • Unlocking the Bible in a non-book culture
  • Contextualising Scripture in cultures condemned as irredeemable
  • Building bridges between HIV and AIDS and the Bible
  • Using poetic storytelling and music in helping people encounter Scripture
  • Engaging visually with Scripture
  • Creating safe and sacred spaces for young people
  • Building interpersonal biblical conversations among lay people
  • Helping pastors overcome the “Big Man” syndrome through participatory learning
  • How NOT to impose prejudice and cultural assumptions on engagement
  • “Open source” on-line engagement resources
  • The challenge of Scripture Engagement among believers in secret
A good number of workshops are already in place, under the following four headings (click on any one of them for further information): In the last of those four, Mark Brown and Stephen Opie, from the NZ Bible Society, will both be involved.

For details about all other aspects of the conference, click here.

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