Thursday, July 23, 2009

Text bullies

More than 700 million TXT messages are sent through Vodafone's network each month. Many of these are between young people - and some texts bully the recipients.

Vodafone has now annouced a new initiative to make it even easier for young people to get help with TXT bullying.

Alison Sykora, Head of Company Communications and Corporate Responsibility, says Vodafone has always worked to be proactive about ensuring young people are kept safe. Now they're providing a free TXT service to help anyone affected by bullying.

By TXTing the word 'bully' to 4001 Vodafone will be in touch to get info and investigate.

IF necessary there are a number of things Vodafone can do to help, such as warning the bully, stopping TXTing from their account, temporarily barring their account or even permanently deactivating their account.

Up till now people could TXT 777 for help. However, Sykora says, "Many young people are more comfortable sending a TXT than making a call and we're hoping this will encourage them to make contact"

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