Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Social media in business

At a bloggers' summit, held as part of the International ITB Berlin trade show in March, four top social media trends were noted.

1. A change in philosophy from the top of an organisation recognising the importance of social media.
2. Organisations will have social media specialists in the company.
3. Public relations will be using more social media channels
4. Twitter

These four were the result of a variety of possibilities suggested, such as PR on social media sites; 'crowd sourcing'; hyper local news; feedback 2.0; 'maps' as a new interface; integrated video.

The information above comes from an article in NZ Management called Social Media: when context is king, by Annie Gray. (June 2009, page 36)

As always, it's worth noting how what's being considered here is of interest to the church: where does social media fit? Is Twitter just a fad or something of value to the church? Is there someone in your church who is passionate about both Jesus and social media? Can they bring these together?

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