Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is CODEC?

I make no apologies for copying the following bits of information from the Durham University site. Mark Brown mentioned CODEC in a recent blog post, so I thought it was worth investigating a little further.

is a research initiative based at St John's College in Durham - a new institution in a hundred year old College exploring the interfaces between the Bible, the digital environment and contemporary culture. CODEC is set within the World Heritage Site of Durham's medieval Cathedral and Castle, an integral part of St John's College, Durham University. We have close links to the Department of Theology and Religion at the University.

CODEC aims to

  • explore the interrelationship between Christianity and the media, spirituality and the internet
  • understand the development in human relationships and self-perception within a digital media world
  • research and develop teaching tools appropriate for a digital media world
  • assess and resource the Christian community's appreciation of the digital environment
  • increase the Church's ability to communicate effectively in the digital environment
On his blog, Mark says he sees two particular key challenges for the Church in relation to the Internet:
  • Convincing church leaders that responding to the digital revolution is much more than simply setting up a website or a facebook page, but thinking through how it will affect the very practice of the church or agency
  • There is a need for more academic writing/thinking around virtual ministry.. in particular solid theological thinking in relation to such topics as sacraments within the virtual setting, the non-physical nature of online identity, the nature of online community, and jurisdiction (to name a few)
Two very good points...but will the (institutional) Church respond?

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