Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tom Brackett has begun an interesting process in relation to Brian McLaren's preentation to the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. The original address in on video here, but Tom has helpfully laid it out in a very readable format.

What he proposes to do is video brief interviews with people who have engaged with McLaren's presentation, as they answer follow-up questions to McLaren's claims about the American Episcopalian Church. He's looking for both 'I dream of a church where...' statements as well as practical 'next steps' comments. The aim is to offer a sense of vision to new leaders in the Episcopalian Church.

McLaren states that this is 'The Episcopal Moment' - a moment of opportunity and possibility, precisely because of the challenges.
He then lists four advantages that denomination has, and four disadvantages, and ends with five elements that are required for movement forward:
1. a 'bring them in' spirit
2. a 'let's experiment' spirit
3. a 'we're beginning again' spirit
4. a 'transcend and include' spirit
5. the Holy Spirit!

Each of these elements is explained in more detail on Brackett's blog. Whether your church is Episcopalian or something else, what is said here is well-worth thinking about: do we want to bring them in? Are we prepared to experiment? Have we a sense of renewal? Are we prepared to overcome things that hold us back, and accept people who aren't what we think they should be? Have we 'room' for the Holy Spirit? (Not such a silly question!)

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