Sunday, July 19, 2009

Changing work trends

In the recently released report, Workplace Age and Gender: Trends and Implications, we discover that:
- A total of 63% of bus drivers were aged 50 years or more in 2006, and 80% were men.

- The age profile of HR professionals is younger than that of the total workforce and has become intensely female – in 1981, 28% of HR professionals were female, but by 2006 that had risen to 69%.

- Relatively few women work in engineering, ranging from 2% in industrial and mechanical to 8% in civil, 15% in electronic and communications and 36% in chemical.

- A third of the dentistry and social work professions were aged 50+ in 2006.

- In the police force, women tallied 9% of the workforce in 1991 and 22% in 2006.

- One in three firefighters was aged over 50 in 2006. Overall, 95% of firefighters are male.

- The peak age for labourers has been falling, and was 15-19 in 2006.
Your gut instinct probably told a good deal of this, but it's always helpful to have it confirmed...

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