Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Good Life - what's wrong with it?

The way of being salt and light is a role (a part and position) that Christians are called to in the world. It is a role that requires us to take up a place in our world, at work, at school, and in the neighborhood. Christians are called to imagine another world, and to do so by living amid the divisiveness, alienation, suffering, and violence, as well as the good things, the loves and hopes of where we live now.

David Matzko McCarthy
The Good Life

Powell's Books sums this book up like this: Intimate friendships, loving families, good food, and beautiful homes--middle-class Westerners enjoy so many gifts. Christians often feel guilty about their enjoyment of these gifts, but David McCarthy suggests that God provides these things for our enjoyment. In contrast to consumerism, which encourages shallow relationships, McCarthy explains how the love of God fosters a deep attachment to the world. He describes this in relation to marriage, family, friendship, hospitality, and work. A right ordering of our desires will lead Christians to an enjoyment of life that require less stuff. This book will be appreciated by all Christians trying to live well in an affluent culture.

You have to read carefully to see the words, 'in contrast to consumerism', which appears to be the crux of the point McCarthy is making. The reviews on Amazon bring this to the fore more clearly.

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